I’m Jos van Tol, and this domain (with its rather unimaginative name) is mine. I am a computer programmer who specializes in research and development, low level programming and “creative coding”.

You can contact me via email. At the moment I do not accept job requests / work inquiries.

I am working on Motorik.

It’s (trying to be) a game engine built from scratch which I hope to finish and release sometime in the far future. It was the basis for the Trippr application and is currently being extended to support my research in procedural content generation and AI.

I code mostly in the C language and write my own custom tools.

Languages: C / Objective-C / C++ / Java / Max / HTML / CSS / ChucK / Csound
Libraries: SDL / Cocoa / openFrameworks / Processing

Previously I was a rock star.

After my years at the Utrecht School of Arts (Art & Technology, ’08 – ’12) I spent a few years recording and touring the world as a drummer and musician. Mostly with my good friend Jacco Gardner. I also played in a lot of different acts on multiple instruments. Ranging from improvised jazz and hip-hop to hard rock covers. In the meantime, I released a few solo records under the Heartsnatcher moniker.

These days I still play bass in a punk rock band. Other hobbies are cycling and playing NES Tetris.

A list of cool people.