My name is Jos van Tol, and this domain (with its rather unimaginative name) is mine. I am a computer programmer who specializes in low level graphics and audio programming and “creative coding”.

You can contact me via email. At the moment I do not accept job requests / work inquiries.

In my spare time I am working on a video game.

It’s a action puzzle game built from scratch. The rendering engine was the basis for the Trippr application and is currently being extended to work as a full game engine.

I code mostly in the C language and write my own custom tools.

Languages: C / Objective-C / C++ / Java / Max / HTML / CSS / ChucK / Csound
Libraries: SDL / Cocoa / openFrameworks / Processing

Watch out! Programmer art incoming…

Previously I was a rock star.

After my years at the Utrecht School of Arts (Art & Technology, ’08 – ’12) I spent a few years recording and touring the world as a drummer and musician. Mostly with my good friend Jacco Gardner. I also played in a lot of different acts on multiple instruments. Ranging from improvised jazz and hip-hop to hard rock covers. In the meantime, I released a few solo records under the Heartsnatcher moniker.

These days I still play bass in a punk rock band. Other hobbies are cycling and playing NES Tetris.

A list of cool people.