Jos van Tol

Musician and creative coder

A glitchy picture portrait
© Tobias Groot

Hi! I'm Jos van Tol, known sometimes as Heartsnatcher, and this domain (with its rather unimaginative name) is mine. I'm a musician and programmer from The Netherlands.

Working in electroacoustics, sound design, computer graphics and rock ‘n roll. Influenced by digital culture, technology and media and especially their minimalistic roots.

Having plenty of on-stage experience with internationally successful bands. I tend to present my work in live performance.

See examples of my work on other parts of this website. Or through the links in the column to the right. Check out my other online accounts like GitHub and Instagram, send me an email or just shout really loudly in the direction of Hoorn, Noord Holland.


The following is a partial list of bands with whom I have had the pleasure of working:

A list of cool people